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NurseIT is a free online education resource created by an Australian Nurse for the purpose of creating an online consolidated resource for ongoing education including CPD accumulation, How-To and Educational videos on procedures and best practice, as well as useful and commonly used resources helpful to all nurses.

The Idea of creating NurseIT came about when looking at online education available including post graduate certificates, as well as completing online education which applied to CPD hours certified by RCNA (Royal College of Nursing Australia).

The issue that was found was - Many of the resources available on CPD websites such as RCNA and ANF are available FREE on the internet and endorsed by RCNA, which brought the thinking of why on earth would anyone pay for a service which can be provided for free? The end result was...

NurseIT - A FREE Nursing Education Resource.

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03/04/2013 - NurseIT Launched

After hours of divulging into the internet for educational resources and 30 odd hours of CPD completed in a couple of days, NurseIT was decided to be developed and launched.

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