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Resource:Australian College of Nursing Graduate Certificates
DescriptionCourses Offered:
Acute care nursing (Sydney)
Aged care nursing
Breast cancer nursing
Cancer nursing
Child and Family health
Critical Care Nursing
Leadership and Management
Neonatal Nursing
Paediatric nursing studies
Perioperative Nursing
Stomal Therapy Nursing
Distance education for Registered Nurses
Addiction nursing
Anaesthetic nursing
Applied neonatal physiology
Assessing and managing adult pain
Assessment of growth and development
Assessment of the older person
Audiometry nursing
Blood and marrow transplantation
Breast cancer nursing: Interventions in breast cancer care
Breast cancer: Role of the nurse in the management of breast cancer care
Breast Cancers
Cardiac Nursing
Chemotherapy and other systemic treatments in cancer care
Child development in the family context
Chronic and complex care
Clinical issues in acute care nursing
Clinical issues in audiometry nursing
Clinical issues in cancer care nursing
Clinical issues in care of the older person
Clinical practice in child and family health
Communication: Applied strategies for health care professionals
Concepts in critical care nursing practice
Continence management
Day surgery and day procedure: Principles and practice
Dementia care
Developing nursing practice
Drug and alcohol nursing practice
Electrocardiography: Clinical application
Emergency Drug & Alcohol
Emergency nursing
Family and child health
Financial management
Foundational perspectives of women's health
Haematology nursing
Healthy ageing
Human resource management
Immunisation for registered nurses
Immunisation: Tuberculosis
Infant, child nutrition and feeding
Intensive care nursing
Introduction to leadership and management
Medical imaging nursing
Men's health
Neonatal special care
Nursing in the perinatal environment
Nursing the high-risk newborn
Operating room nursing
Paediatric assessment: physiology and development
Paediatric emergency nursing
Paediatric intensive care
Paediatric pain: Assessment and management
Post anaesthetic care unit nursing
Practice and philosophy of perioperative nursing
Principles of acute care nursing
Principles of acute paediatric nursing
Principles of infection control
Principles of orthopaedic nursing
Principles of perioperative management
Principles of renal nursing - Renal unit 2
Principles of renal replacement therapy - Renal unit 3
Principles of stoma care
Professional issues in aged care nursing
Professional issues in paediatric nursing
Professional issues in stomal therapy
Quality in action
Respiratory nursing
RN: Principles of emergency care
Sexual health nursing: Clinical practice
Sexual health nursing: Principles and practice
Stress response and health breakdown
Symptom management in advanced disease states
Wound management